Weather you hate it or love it, you shouldn’t skip it. It hurts. It gets your heart rate through the roof. It’s sweat inducing. And yeah, I’ll say it, sometimes it can even make you want to throw up a little. I’m talking about leg day! We use our legs every single day, which is even more reason to strength  them. Though squats, deadlifts, and walking lunges are great, my favourite way to train my legs is outside. Here are my top three outdoor locations for a great leg workout that will leave you walking like Bambi on ice:

The Grouse Grind

Location: 6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver

With a  total of 2830 steps and an 853 metre elevation gain, this hike will leave you wondering what the heck you were thinking agreeing to climb up Mother Nature’s Stairmaster. Hands down, this is one of my favourite spots in Greater Vancouver to get a killer leg and cardio workout. The view from the top isn’t half bad, and there’s a gondola that will take you back down the mountain, sparing your joints!

Wreck Beach Stairs

Location: University Blvd and South West Marine Drive, Vancouver

Approximately 500 Wooden stairs bring you down to Vancouver’s famous clothing-optional Wreck Beach! Though not quite as intense as the Grouse Grind, this is a great nearby location to get some serious endurance work. Three runs up and down this bad boy, and you’ll be hurting for days. With no way of getting down them besides actually taking the stairs, this location is not ideal for everyone. Only those with strong, healthy knees should consider it.

Kitsilano Showboat Bleachers

Location: 2300 Cornwall Ave, Vancouver

This conveniently built set of bleachers is amazing for getting in a killer anaerobic leg workout! You can perform a wide variety of plyometrics, stair runs, and elevated lunges using these bleachers. Throw on some “Eye of the Tiger” on your playlist, and get ready to feel pretty bad ass getting your workout done here!