Booking a vacation is a great motivator to get focused on getting in shape. You put the effort in, dedicate the time to maintaining a workout and food prep routine, and within a matter of weeks you’re seeing and feeling some pretty amazing results. Your trip comes and goes in what feels like a heart beat, and you come home realizing that all of your hard work has gone out the window as soon as your toes hit the sand, and your lips tasted that first refreshing (much anticipated) margarita!

Your fitness and health shouldn’t be a series of workout binges, counting down to one specific event you’re focusing on. Be beach-ready all year! Stop sabotaging all of your hard earned efforts with a 7 day stint at an all-inclusive, leaving you feeling bloated, hung over, and like you’re starting from square one.

Follow these tips to ensure that you stay fit and healthy during your vacation:

Get to know your surroundings on foot. Vacations are for relaxing, sure, but they’re also for exploring, learning about new cultures, and checking out what the geography of your destination has to offer. Limit your use of taxis or buses, and see how much you can see on foot.

Dig a little deeper. The internet is a wonderful tool. Do a little research ahead of time, and incorporate some hikes, long walks, bike rides, or water sport adventures as part of your vacation. Our bodies are designed to move! Get up, put the Mojito down, and get to know your new surroundings.

Pack light. I’m not talking about bikinis and flip flops here. A resistance band (or two!) plus a skipping rope take up very little space but give you the option to have a complete, total body workout in your hotel room.

Sample the local cuisine. You’re on vacation, by all means, indulge a little! Just remember that not every meal has treated like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Eat everything, but in moderation.