We live in a fast-paced, frantic world. One of the most frequent excuses people use to get out of working out is that they don’t have enough time. Guess what? You don’t need to spend 90 minutes at the gym furiously pumping iron and killing it on a cardio machine like the Energizer bunny! Here’s a list of our top 5 exercises that deliver the most bang for your buck, torching calories and stimulating multiple muscle groups.

  1. Deadlift
    Hands down one of the best exercises on the planet. This powerful lift works your entire posterior chain! Your back, glutes, legs, forearms, and traps all work together to get that bar off the ground and your forearm muscles work hard to keep your grip strong. This simple looking lift is actually extremely technical and should only be incorporated into your fitness routine if you have been trained to execute it with perfect form.
  2. Push Up
    Some of us may have a love/hate relationship with this calisthenic movement. It requires no equipment and works not just your chest, but your core stabilizers, abdominals, deltoids, serratus antierior, and triceps. That’s a lot of muscles for one basic exercise!
  3. Box Jump
    This power-building, fat-blasting plyometric exercise is not for those faint of heart (or with knee injuries). Box jumps improve leg strength, power, coordination and balance, and they look pretty badass when you do them right!
  4. Chin Up
    Chin ups are hard because they require a significant amount of upper body strength to begin with. Your back, biceps, and abdominals work together to pull you through this tough exercises. If you’re not quite strong enough to pull your body weight up, there are plenty of variations to build your strength up to eventually get you there!
  5. Thruster
    A thruster is a combination of a front loaded squat with a military press. Needless to say, this heart pumping exercise hits a lot of muscles. The squat itself hits all of the major muscles of your legs. As you press up, the force is shifted into your abdominal and back stabilizers. Finally as you complete the military press you’re relying on your deltoids, traps, and triceps to complete the movement. Is it easy? No. But with your entire body stimulated in the process, how can you not incorporated into your workout?

The exercises listed above are effective but very technical. If done incorrectly, you are setting yourself up for injury, so, if you are unsure of how to execute them, ask a fitness professional to teach you.