As the song goes, ’tis the season to be jolly! With the winter festivities upon us, now’s the time to start thinking about some strategies to prevent that stubborn holiday weight gain! Here is a list of our tried and tested ways of staying on track with our fitness goals when the temptations are high.

  1. Schedule your workouts.
    This time of year is notorious for parties, gatherings, and general merry making. Our fitness goals can easily take a backseat! It is up to you, and only you, to prioritize your workouts. This might mean showing up an hour later to a gathering, or perhaps getting up before the crack of dawn to fit in a quick cardio session before you head off to work. Whatever the case, schedule your workouts into your calendar and treat your appointments with yourself like real appointments. Just like you wouldn’t miss your best friend’s Christmas cocktail party, don’t miss out on your 30 minute lifting session!
  2. Have a healthy snack before attending a party.
    Have a small meal consisting of a lean source of protein, two handfuls of fibrous vegetables, and a drizzle of healthy fats to prevent the rumble in your tummy from luring you to reach straight for the eggnog and shortbread cookies! By filling up beforehand, you’re more likely to eat less of the unhealthy foods available to you once you get to your party.
  3. Listen to your hunger cues.
    Are you actually feeling hungry? Or is that smell of gingerbread just seducing you to give in? Start becoming aware of the difference between hunger, a physical need, and a craving, a psychological want. Don’t fall into peer pressure just because everyone around you is. Focus on enjoying the ambiance and company of the party instead of whether you should or shouldn’t indulge in the treats available to you.
  4. Be aware of your alcohol intake.
    For every glass of alcohol, have a glass of water after it. If you’re hosting the party, offer wine spritzers to cut the calories down. Sip your drinks slowly, and choose lighter beverages such as martinis over eggnog.
  5. Eat well the rest of the time.
    Let’s face it, you will most likely consume more calories than usual this time of year. That’s okay! It’s the season to really enjoy yourself and bask in all the friend and family time. When you’re not attending parties or events, eat healthy. It’s that simple! If you eat healthy 80% of the time, and indulge 20% of the time, you’re doing just fine! Don’t beat yourself up for having one too many savoury appies, just be sure to eat clean the majority of the time. This means: lean protein, healthy fats, fibrous complex carbohydrates, and plenty of veggies with every meal.


Happy holidays everyone!